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Company profile


Hubei Jingchuan Intelligent Equipments Co., Ltd., co-funded by Jingzhou Shendian Industrial Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Lingchuan CNC Technology Co., Ltd., produces intelligent testing, production and assembly equipment for auto and auto part industries.

Our company boasts of more than 40 years of manufacturing experience of auto parts and equipment, complete development and manufacturing systems, automatic equipment, 80developers, most of whom have been trained in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Japan and Korea, over 30senior technicians with more than 30 years of working experience, more than 50 sets of gantry planers, vertical lathes, machining centers, jig borers, EDMs and wire cutting machines, and 18 coordinate measuring machines.

We can manufacture five kinds of special equipment: automotive hydraulic (pneumatic) brake assembly lines, automotive front/rear axle assembly lines, engineering mechanical part assembly lines, automobile motor manufacturing and assembling equipment and power metallurgy presses. We have provided more than 400 sets of advanced machines and testing equipment for FAW, CITROEN, HONDA, ASIMCO, DELCO REMY, CHERY, SAIC, GM, TRW, BOSCH, BREMBO, CUMMINS, and so on, with a good reputation among customers.

For auto disc brake assembly line products, we have introduced internationally advanced assembly technologies and testing standards from BOSCH, TRW, MITSUBISHI and BREMBO, and designed and made 39 brake assembly lines for Bosch Automotive Products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., ASIMCO Braking Systems (Guangzhou) Company Ltd., TRW Automotive, BREMBO (Nanjing) Brake Systems Co., Ltd., Cummins Fuel Systems (Wuhan), SINOTRUCK (Jinan) Co., Ltd., Lucas Varity Langzhong Brake Co. Ltd., CTCS, Zhejiang APG, Ningbo Yuejin Automobile Front Axle Company Limited, Jilin Automobile Brake Factory, Wuhan Youfin Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Chery Bethel Automotive Safety Systems Co., Ltd., Great Wall Bridge Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Longzhong Holding Group Co., Ltd.

In the business philosophy of “Close Cooperation, Common Development”, we sincerely hope to cooperate with you to make contribution to China’s auto part industry.

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