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I warmly congratulate the three new board listed

Date:Dec 21,2015

Hubei Jing Chuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. on December 21, 2015 successfully listed three new board. This is the company to implement capital operation strategies to achieve for the breaking of asset securitization, has significant milestone, the company will further in accordance with the requirements of the capital market, and promote more high-tech products to the capital markets.

I Division from its inception, uphold the "advanced products and sophisticated manufacturing, to meet customer's individual requirements" for quality; keep in mind the "people-oriented, customer first, teamwork, learning and innovation, green development, harmony and win-win" as the core values; in the "become internationally competitive, agile, environmentally intelligent dedicated equipment suppliers" as the goal of forging ahead! Companies continue to introduce high-performance, innovative equipment manufacturing products, reflecting the essence of Sichuan smart to market the sensitivity control, the control of the degree of customer needs, research and development team of demanding degree of product quality stringency for efforts to create a high standard in the industry has laid a solid foundation.

Today, all the fine Sichuan people constantly worked hard, fine intelligence River painted on the road ahead of the event in the company's history, a landmark, which is the essence of all the joint efforts of the Sichuan people extraordinary results! The company will continue to inherit and carry forward the company's core values, innovation and progress, to provide each customer with the most intelligent, high-quality, personalized, efficient equipment manufacturing products and high quality service. We use the modest and prudent attitude, look at today's changing market; Principles pragmatic and trustworthy, treat every different needs of customers!

In the future, Jing Chuan intelligence under the guidance of the company's board of directors, the chairman of Mr. Zhou Ping, general manager of Mr. Zhang Qinzhou leadership, will continue to enhance the company's image and broaden the company's business, deepening the company's scientific and technological innovation, improve the company's R & D efforts to improve the company product quality, and strive to create sophisticated industry benchmark. With a spirit of excellence, nuanced, rigorous standards, to create a high standard, high-tech, efficient and personalized industry equipment products possible.

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