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Division I "119 Fire Awareness Month" seminar

Date:Nov 7,2015

In order to improve fire safety awareness of employees in their daily work, pay more attention to the importance of safety in production, I Division in November 6th, 2015 3:00 pm conduct seminars, invited Hubei Fire Protection Association Fire Education Center to visit our company, to Our staff carry out fire safety knowledge to explain and demonstrate.

    Training content: 1, the recent major fire case studies;

               2, Fire Safety: Four Abilities ";

               3, the new "Safety Act" Publicizing;

               4, parts of key fire units hidden investigation and prevention of fires;

               5, fire and emergency evacuation escape skills;

               6, storage of hazardous chemicals;

               7, the basic building fire protection facilities operation and maintenance.

    The lecture improve the fire safety awareness of employees, mastered the ability to respond to emergencies of survival, and the popularity of a variety of fire safety knowledge, all employees during the lecture enthusiastically questions, positive interaction, making the whole lecture lively, a great impact .

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