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Debut in 2013 Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Exhibition

Date:Aug 29,2013

20-22 August 2013, Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "AMTS2013") it was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. AMTS2013 event is the domestic automobile manufacturing technology in the field of automobile manufacturing equipment exchange, trade innovation platform, enjoy the reputation as the first Chinese auto show. Jing Chuan intelligence company for two consecutive years to participate in the exhibition, and Dalian Zhiyun and other equipment industry, many well-known companies competing against and show a live demonstration vehicle hydraulic caliper automatic assembly line of key equipment, attracted a large number of auto parts manufacturers eye.

Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Committee of the brake visit the exhibition site Jing Chuan intelligence company, visited the production line on display, exhibitors and understand the situation. Customer Shanghai TRW, Zhejiang Asia-Pacific, Bosch Suzhou, Ningbo Yuejin front axle, universal money flows, Bethel Wuhu, Anhui Ding power, Liuzhou Wuling, Zhengzhou Yutong and other companies to fine Sichuan intelligence company booth, and with the company Li Zhengfu, general manager, deputy general manager Zhang Qinzhou spoke.

   During the exhibition, the company not only fine plain smart to showcase the company's products and corporate image, and with nearly 20 auto parts company conducted technical exchanges and discuss cooperation intention. 

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